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Our Caseworkers provide FREE, independent and confidential advice to Sydney University Undergraduate Students.
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SRC Caseworkers assist students with academic and welfare issues. We provide FREE, independent and confidential advice & support including:

  • Academic rights & appeals
  • Special Consideration & special arrangements
  • HECS & fee refunds, Academic misconduct & dishonesty allegations
  • Show Cause & Exclusion
  • Centrelink
  • Financial issues
  • Tenancy & accommodation
  • Harassment & discrimination

Contact a Caseworker

If you need more advice about your specific situation, contact an SRC Caseworker by completing the contact form (below) or call 9660 5222 and our reception team will complete the contact form with you.



News and Artices

Supporting Documentation

Applying for Special Consideration, Discontinue Not Fail or Show Good Cause? Make sure you have the

Dealing with Deadlines

Tips an resources for staying on track with your coursework and deadlines

Get Your Bond or Deposit Back When You Leave a Rental Home

You can maximise the likelihood of getting your bond back when you move out by doing some forward pl

Are You Ready For Exams?

Here's some tips to help you better prepare foe exams

Working Students: Your Rights as a Worker

All workers in Australia have the same working rights, including international students

Your rights as a boarder or lodger

If your landlord (or their agent) lives in your home, it is likely that you are considered a boarder

Census date, 31 March or 31 August

CENSUS - The rules are different this year

The census date for standard semesters is 31st March in first semester and 31st August in second sem

Student misconduct & academic dishonesty

What to do if you receive an allegation of misconduct or academic dishonesty

The Learning Hub's resources can make your study easier

You can improve your academic skills and learn where to go for information and support.

Mental Health Services: Get Help with Stress and Anxiety

There resources available through the University and in the broader community that you might find he

Students Beware of Pay Day Loans!

For the vast majority of situations, pay day loans are absolutely horrendous and best avoided.

Navigating Centrelink - tips for students.

Centrelink is a difficult organisation to deal with at the best of times. Here are some tips on how

ghost writer

What is contract cheating?

The University considers contract cheating very seriously. It puts your integrity and the integrity

Discontinue Not Fail (DC)

If you are unable to complete a unit of study you may be able to withdraw during semester for a Disc

ghost writer image

What is Contract Cheating?

The University considers contract cheating very seriously. It puts your integrity and the integrity

Peak student bodies call for systemic reforms in disability and higher education

The joint position statement and research report from ALSA, AMSA, & NUS


Have a look at your representation


  • Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR)

    ACAR is an autonomous space that organises around issues relating to people of colour, in activist and educational ways from a student perspective.

    Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR)
  • Disabilities Collective and Caregivers Network

    The University of Sydney Disabilities Collective is an autonomous collective of the University of Sydney Students' Representative Council (SRC).

    Disabilities Collective and Caregivers Network
  • Education Action Group (EAG)

    The Sydney University Education Action Group (EAG) campaigns on education issues including fighting for free education and stopping course cuts.

    Education Action Group (EAG)
  • Enviro Collective

    The Enviro Collective, is an SRC collective fighting for environmental and social issues, on and off campus.

    Enviro Collective
  • First Nations Department

    The Indigenous Collective is an autonomous organising space for students identifying as First Nations, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander identities.

    First Nations Department
  • Global Solidarity
    Global Solidarity
  • Intercampus
  • Interfaith
  • International Students Collective

    The International Students' Collective (ISC) is an SRC Collective that exists to represent and orgaanise around the interests of international students.

    International Students Collective
  • Mature age students
    Mature age students
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