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What is the SRC and how do we help students?

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC), run by students for students since 1929, is the peak representative body for undergraduate students at the University of Sydney. The SRC exists to defend and advance the interests of USyd students. We are your student association and we have a long history of fighting for student rights. We stand for a free, fair and funded education, universal student unionism and a society free of discrimination and oppression. Our staff provide vital services, such as SRC Caseworker Help (academic, Centrelink and tenancy advice), and a FREE legal service. These services are provided free for undergraduate students at the University of Sydney. We also publish Honi Soit, the only weekly student newspaper in the country.

SRC Services

SRC Caseworker Help:

SRC caseworkers are professional and experienced staff who can assist undergraduate students at the University of Sydney with issues that affect them, by providing independent advice, advocacy and support. The service is FREE, independent and confidential. Helping with issues such as academic appeals, Centrelink queries, tenancy advice, work-related problems and much more.

SRC Legal Service:

provides FREE legal advice and representation for undergraduate students at the University of Sydney on most legal matters including immigration advice. Emergency Loan Service: a $50 emergency loan from the SRC can help out if your funds need a boost.

Come visit or call the SRC for more details.

SRC Publications:

The SRC publishes a weekly newspaper Honi Soit as well as other student publications including: O-Week Handbook, Counter Course Handbook, Growing Strong: Wom*ns’ Handbook and more!

Get involved

If you’re passionate about issues that relate to University life and beyond, you can get involved in the SRC by running in the annual SRC elections for the positions in the SRC Council and Executive or join one of the SRC’s collectives, which campaign and provide space and resources to student communities. These include:

Contribute to student publications, including Honi Soit, the USyd weekly student newspaper published by the SRC, which gives a voice to students.

Know Your Rights

Your time at the University should give you some of the best days of your life. Even so, it’s important that you know and protect your rights. Most students have to work in order to support themselves. At university you can expect to work in excess of 16 hours a week on top of your studies, as you struggle to pay for rent and living expenses. You should be aware that your workload will inevitably affect your marks. You should also know that your Faculty may not be sympathetic. The SRC is here to protect your rights. You might not think you’ll ever need the SRC, or that the SRC concerns you, but the SRC is here to know your rights, even when you don’t.

Have a look at your representation


  • Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR)

    ACAR is an autonomous space that organises around issues relating to people of colour, in activist and educational ways from a student perspective.

    Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR)
  • Disabilities Collective and Caregivers Network

    The University of Sydney Disabilities Collective is an autonomous collective of the University of Sydney Students' Representative Council (SRC).

    Disabilities Collective and Caregivers Network
  • Education Action Group (EAG)

    The Sydney University Education Action Group (EAG) campaigns on education issues including fighting for free education and stopping course cuts.

    Education Action Group (EAG)
  • Enviro Collective

    The Enviro Collective, is the official environmental group of the SRC.

    Enviro Collective
  • First Nations Department

    We are a dedicated group of First Nations activists and allies at the University of Sydney.

    First Nations Department
  • Global Solidarity
    Global Solidarity
  • Intercampus
  • Interfaith
  • International Students Collective

    The International Students' Collective (ISC) is an SRC Collective that exists to represent and orgaanise around the interests of international students.

    International Students Collective
  • Mature age students
    Mature age students
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