SRC Onboarding & Swipe Card Application form

All SRC Office Bearers, DSP's, Honi Soit Editors & Staff need to complete the onboarding form. It covers Work, Health & Safety and swipe card access. Refer to the Induction Handbook below where needed.

Onboarding Form

Edit Department / Collective website landing pages

Office bearers will be issued login credentials for this website and can edit collective or department landing pages, including uploading regular OB REPORTS, CURRENT PROJECTS and links to social media and contact information.
Login is via your SRC Office Bearer email address. Read the instructions PDF below.


Adobe Creative Cloud Licences

The SRC reimburses the following students for the cost of their Adobe Creative Cloud licenses: Honi Soit Editors, Education OBs, Womens' OBs, General Secretary, Vice President, and President. Other OB's can apply to the SRC Executive for Adobe Creative Cloud if they require it for SRC projects.

Students can purchase a 12-month subscription for $74, head to Sydney University ePay and search Adobe Creative Cloud.
Follow these steps. If you have a problem, there is information on troubleshooting at the bottom of the page with info about Adobe.
Activation is generally complete within 5 working days.

Eligible OBs listed above can apply for reimbursement. Head to the Admin Forms page

Canva Pro Licenses

Office Bearers with active collectives* will have access to Canva Pro. Use your SRC Office Bearer email address to login to Canva or reset your password and start using Canva to create social media graphics, posters or leaflets for your events and activities.

Here is a great YouTube tutorial to get you from beginner to advanced in Canva.

Canva Pro Accounts currently include: Womens', Education, Ethno Cultural, Queer, Environment, Welfare, International, Disabilities, General Secretary, Vice President. Other OB's can contact SRC Publications Manager if you require access to a Canva Pro account for SRC projects.

Guides for SRC Student Representatives

Induction Handbook

The SRC Induction handbook is your essential guide to all SRC procedures

Induction Handbook PDF

Committees Guide

All SRC Representatives sitting on University committees should read the following guide

Committees Guide

Introductory Videos for SRC Representatives

Please watch the following introductory videos

Key Training and Induction Sessions - complete for 2022

  1. Honi Soit Editor Publications Training (All Honi Soit Editors) - Tuesday 8/11/2022, 10am–2pm, SRC Office - REGISTER HERE
  2. Media Law Training (Honi Soit Editors, DSP's, President, Vice President) - Thursday 10/11/2022, 10am–12pm, in-person (New Law Seminar Room 344)- REGISTER HERE
  3. General SRC Induction (All SRC OB's, DSPs, Editors & Activists) - Wednesday 29/11/2022, 10am–3pm, Room & Zoom link TBC
  4. Handbook Editor Training (Education, Women's, General Secretary) - Monday 28/11/2022, 10am–2pm, SRC Office - REGISTER HERE
  5. Activist Media and Graphics workshops (All OB's and Collective members) - Dates to TBC in Dec/Jan, SRC Office

 Other important key dates and deadlines are listed in the last pages of the 2023 SRC Induction Handbook:

Have a look at your representation


  • Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR)

    ACAR is an autonomous space that organises around issues relating to people of colour, in activist and educational ways from a student perspective.

    Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR)
  • Disabilities Collective and Caregivers Network

    The University of Sydney Disabilities Collective is an autonomous collective of the University of Sydney Students' Representative Council (SRC).

    Disabilities Collective and Caregivers Network
  • Education Action Group (EAG)

    The Sydney University Education Action Group (EAG) campaigns on education issues including fighting for free education and stopping course cuts.

    Education Action Group (EAG)
  • Enviro Collective

    The Enviro Collective, is an SRC collective fighting for environmental and social issues, on and off campus.

    Enviro Collective
  • First Nations Department

    The Indigenous Collective is an autonomous organising space for students identifying as First Nations, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander identities.

    First Nations Department
  • Global Solidarity
    Global Solidarity
  • Intercampus
  • Interfaith
  • International Students Collective

    The International Students' Collective (ISC) is an SRC Collective that exists to represent and orgaanise around the interests of international students.

    International Students Collective
  • Mature age students
    Mature age students
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