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Read the latest news and articles from the SRC's students and services
Read the latest news and articles from the SRC's students and services


Statement on Mark Scott meeting with BJP leader and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

USyd Vice Chancellor Mark Scott met with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. As the Student Representative Council we are concerned about this meeting and for the safety of Muslim students on campus, considering the actions of Modi and the BJP.

Open Letter: Fair Pay for Student Placements
Students Against Placement Poverty Logo

Read and sign the open letter initiated by education and social work students campaigning against student poverty on placements.

Get Your Bond or Deposit Back When You Leave a Rental Home

You can maximise the likelihood of getting your bond back when you move out by doing some forward planning before you move in.

Are You Ready For Exams?

Here's some tips to help you better prepare foe exams

Academic Honesty & Integrity

How to respond to an allegation of academic dishonesty

Working Students: Your Rights as a Worker

All workers in Australia have the same working rights, including international students

Your rights as a boarder or lodger

If your landlord (or their agent) lives in your home, it is likely that you are considered a boarder or lodger. There are some “principles” that outline your rights and responsibilities.

CENSUS - The rules are different this year
Census date, 31 March or 31 August

The census date for standard semesters is 31st March in first semester and 31st August in second semester. If your semester is a little different, e.g., summer or winter intensives, check your subject outline.

President's Report
Photo of SRC President, Lia Perkins

Weekly reports from Lia Perkins, President of the 95th SRC

President's Report: December 2022

President's report for December 2022

What is contract cheating?
ghost writer

The University considers contract cheating very seriously. It puts your integrity and the integrity of your course at risk.

President's Report: January 2023
SRC President Report January

SRC President's Report for January 2023

Vacancy: USyd SRC First Nations Officer

Nominate to be the SRC's First Nations Officer in 2023.

Student misconduct & academic dishonesty

What to do if you receive an allegation of misconduct or academic dishonesty

The Learning Hub's resources can make your study easier

You can improve your academic skills and learn where to go for information and support.

Mental Health Services: Get help with stress and anxiety

There resources available through the University and in the broader community that you might find helpful.

Pay day loans and why they suck.

For the vast majority of situations, pay day loans are absolutely horrendous and best avoided.

Taming Centrelink - tips for students.

Centrelink is a difficult organisation to deal with at the best of times. Here are some tips on how to jump through the hoops.

Discontinue Not Fail (DC)

If you are unable to complete a unit of study you may be able to withdraw during semester for a Discontinue Fail (DF) grade.

Peak student bodies call for systemic reforms in disability and higher education

The joint position statement and research report from ALSA, AMSA, & NUS

The SRC Legal Service can help you with a legal issue

Our solicitors provide a FREE legal service to Sydney Uni undergraduates and can help with a broad range of legal issues.

What is Contract Cheating?
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The University considers contract cheating very seriously. It puts your integrity and the integrity of your course at risk.

Student Media & Publications - A Voice for Students!

Honi Soit student newspaper has been published by the SRC since 1929. The SRC also publishes a range of student handbooks and other publications.

Passionate about social change? Get involved in a student collective!

Student representatives and activists participate in elections and run collectives that address a range of social change issues.