Wom*n of Colour Autonomous Collective Conveners’ Report

Though we are a relatively new and small collective, this autonomous space has proved to be positive and liberating for those of us who constantly have to negotiate between issues of race and gender. This is a space for those of us whose feminism and race are necessary parts of our identity. For those of us who – at some point – have been forced to choose between one of these sides and realised that we cannot.
This is a safe space for those of us, who have been victims of various systems of patriarchy, colonialism and whiteness. For those of us
whose experiences are marked by unique conflicts and challenges.

For those who have been made to feel different, alienated, stereotyped, fetishized, ashamed, Orientalised, invisible, commodified, patronised and/or tokenised, because of who we are. The creation of this space allows us to reclaim our individual identities and find solidarity.It also allows exploring, validation and a celebration of our intersecting identities. It is difficult to find networks where one can explore such complex identity issues, but this collective was set up because we deserve to be heard and we deserve to take up space in this world, and should not be made to feel otherwise.

It’s set to be an exciting year ahead, with our first event occurring on the 25th of April at the Newsagency in Marrickville. If you identify as a wom*n of colour, please join us for our good vibes dance party! It would be amazing to see so many inspiring wom*n of colour in the same place! We’ll be providing more details as the date approaches.

You can keep up with events on the ‘Usyd WOC Autonomous Collective’ Facebook page, and follow us on Tumblr at http://womenofcoloursydney.tumblr.com

Shareeka Helaluddin and Tabitha Prado-Richardson

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