Welfare Department Report – week 4

Hey everybody, welcome back to the haunted nether regions of Honi. Just get through these reports and you’ll be home and dry in the joke section, but before you flip over for your weekly dose of Christopher Pyne themed puns (I’m Pyne-ing for him to be sacked? No that’s pretty crap…) let me tell you about the work happening in your SRC welfare department.

Work is continuing with the incredible international student officers to build a campaign that connects international students with SRC welfare services. International students create the multicultural environment that make life at this university so rich and increasingly it’s their fees that pay for everyone’s classes.  However the university has dropped the ball when it comes to their care. For too many international students their experience of Sydney uni is marred by exorbitant home stay and travel prices, dodgy employers and a lack of language support.

The SRC wants to be the safety net that catches international students before alienation or stress become too much to handle. The first step will be to create multilingual materials letting students know how the SRC can support them but until then please contact us at welfare.officers@src.usyd.edu.au if you or a friend is struggling with rent, debt or even just a big workload. We can put you in contact with an SRC caseworker or solicitor and start shrinking those troubles down to size. Getting help when you feel stuck is not always easy but we (the welfare officers) can make your appointment for you and even come and sit in with you in the meeting if you need us to. There is no shame in asking for help.

We are also excited to announce that here in welfare we are creating a new forum where students can engage with the department, give feedback, share tips and concerns and become directly involved with our campaigns. It’s early days and we are still experimenting with the format but if you want to voice a concern or get involved with the politics of compassion search for “Sydney University Welfare Collective” on Facebook and watch this space!

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