If you have a video (Zoom) meeting with the University it is a good idea to show them that you are taking the matter seriously, and are respectful of the process. Consider these tips:

  1. Physical Appearance – Your appearance will set the tone for your meeting. Wear smart casual clothes, e.g., an ironed button up shirt, or a neat jumper.
  2. Background – The University does not need to see your personal space, so use one of the virtual backgrounds. You can even add your own pictures to personalise your background. Click on the arrow next to “Stop Video” then “Choose Virtual Background” then choose one of the existing backgrounds or click on “+” to add your own.
  3. Headphones – Using headphones will help you to hear and be heard more clearly. It may also provide you a bit more privacy, if you are in a shared space. If you are not talking, you can “mute” your microphone to stop any outside noise interrupting your meeting.
  4. Notes – Have a notepad and pen with you, in case you want to take notes of what is said in the meeting. If you need to keep these notes for future reference type them into an email and send it to yourself. That way you won’t have to worry about losing it.