The statistics say it all about wom*n and education

For Wom*n’s Honi, I thought I’d talk about exclusively wom*n’s education things and that brought me around to how much graduates who identify as wom*n earn.

Let’s have a little guess at how much less than men they earn? $500 a year? $3000? Nup, it’s a whopping $5000 less than graduates who identify as wom*n earn in comparison with their male counterparts.

Trans wom*n earn even less comparatively, and there’s barely been any research into it because it’s easy to ignore gender issues if you’ve never had to deal with any.The truth is, trans people are ignored by everyone. In fact, just last year at their annual conference, the National Union of Students (NUS) made the incoherently ignorant decision to pass a motion to remove the asterisk from wom*n for their collectives.

Let me just say that the asterisk is there in order to protect wom*n from discrimination and hate based on the very term they rely on.

Trans wom*n will be the ones who want to join a collective with an asterisk in its name in order to seek support and friendship, and the fact that NUS decided to try and strip all collectives of this statement of solidarity is disgusting.

The excuse given by the wom*n’s officer and member of Labor right faction Unity who moved the motion was that explaining the reason for the existence of the asterisk was too hard.

She managed to ~explain~ to an entire conference floor of students that the asterisk alienated “women” from collectives and was unfair because who even remembers why the asterisk is there and who can even be bothered explaining it because that’s not the entire reason you were fucking elected campus Wom*n’s Officer or anything.

A member of NLS spoke against moving the motion based on NOWSA’s definition of wom*n (a little bureaucratic but ok) and a Grassroots member also spoke out against the motion in defense of trans people, but it passed anyway.

Then someone from Unity got up and started talking about how stupid the asterisk was. And read out a list of words that had ‘men’ or ‘man’ in them to derisive laughter from the Unity cohort.

Because gender issues are funny right?
Especially if you’ve never had any.

Let’s burn transphobic organisations to the ground, starting with NUS.

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