The institutional knowledge we have acquired throughout our term is passed on to our successors

In some ways, we are at a disadvantage when it comes to how the SRC is run and the fact that people are elected for a twelve-month term. Every December, a new batch of perky faces takes over the office, with their plans for the coming year and their ideas for improvements. For those of you who don’t know, the term span for office bearers, the President and Honi Soit editors is from the start December until the end of the following November. Inductions take place before uni starts, and the summer holiday period is a busy time for many office bearers.

This is a great way to ensure that as many people become involved as possible, and it also prevents activists from getting burnt out since their terms are capped at 12 months. After this, whether or not people want to continue their involvement is up to them, and some people do choose to stay involved. The downside is that sometimes the handover between office bearers – from one year to the next – falls short of delivering the relevant information to the new officers. This can be because of miscommunication or other factors.

James and I think it is very important the institutional knowledge we have acquired throughout our term is passed on to our successors. This includes information on the budget – and why we did it in a certain way –
as well as other things relating to finance, regulations, collectives, staff and matters regarding the executive. Accordingly, we have started to compile our handover documents. This will include formal information as well as advice on dos and don’ts for the 2015 General Secretary(/ies). It is important that office bearers share information with one another and work together. The SRC as a whole is reliant on smooth internal operations to ensure its ongoing operational stability. By compiling extensive handover information we can ensure that there is a rollover of information.

On another note, if you’ve left it until now to buy a textbook you weren’t sure you needed but have just discovered that you did need it after all, visit the SRC’s second hand bookshop in the Wentworth building, you might find what you’re looking for at a cheap price.

As always, if you have any questions about the SRC, or stuff in general, please email us at

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