The Disabilities and Carers Collective have a few exciting things on their agenda

Student Carers

We’ve changed our name to the ‘Disabilities and Carers Collective’ to highlight the issue and campaign for the recognition of and support of hidden student carers on campus.
Student carers often have difficulty balancing their university, work and care commitments and are more likely to have low participation and success in education and employment than non-carers. Currently at the University of Sydney there are no support mechanisms in place for student carers that acknowledge the need for study or assessment adjustments due to ongoing or increasing care commitments.

Who are carers?

The term ‘carer’ refers someone who provides unpaid, informal care for someone with a disability, an ongoing illness, mental illness, chronic condition or drug or alcohol condition. Tasks undertaken by Carers may include domestic activities, household management, financial and practical management, personal care and emotional support.

Why are they hidden?

Carers remain a hidden group for a number of reasons, including not identifying as being a carer because they see what they do as a ‘normal’ part of the lives and shared relationship, or being reluctant to identify because of potential stigmas.

To collect data for the Student Carer Recognition and Rights campaign, we are asking students who identify as carers, or are unsure if they qualify, to complete a short survey at or via the QR code shown.

Mental Health
We will be running a mental health campaign later in the year focusing on awareness and the promotion of existing and new services available for affected, interested and supportive students.

Redfern Station Access

The lack of disabled access to Redfern station will be targeted. As the closest train station to Sydney University, we believe Redfern station should be accessible to everyone, including those with physical disabilities, parents with prams, the elderly and others wishing to access Redfern but unable to climb the station stairs.

We are growing and have developed an active Facebook page to improve our communication with members and related organizations. Search for us and ‘like’ our page to hear more about what exciting stuff we’re up to, or for more information send us an email.

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