Join the Education Action Group as we continue our Students Support Staff Strikes campaign into semester 2!

Whether you joined staff on strikes in semester 1, or are a new student at USYD, you’re welcome to come along and find out how you can help build support for staff when they go on strike this semester. We need even more students on the picket lines next time to show staff how much student support they have and to send a management a signal that we won’t back them cutting staff pay and conditions.

Message the page if you want to find out more!


At a NTEU meeting of over 300 union members, staff have voted to strike for 24 hours on August 17, in week 3 of semester 2. This comes after management have refused to concede on any of the union’s core claims, despite posting a record billion-dollar surplus last year. As the cost of living continues to increase, staff need a real pay rise. They need job insecurity and permanent jobs. Their workloads should be made manageable, instead of unbearable. Faced with intransigence from management, the only way staff can win is to show intransigence on their own part and strike until they win!

If you were inspired by the strikes last semester, or by the strikes by teachers, nurses and railway workers, please help us make the solidarity from students as big as possible. We need to talk to every student, convince them not to come to class, and get them to stand on the picket lines with striking staff. Come along to our open organising meeting on Thursday at 2PM to help plan and build the campaign!