Rose Donnelly, Jayfel Tulabing, Xiaojie Zhao, and Yuan Ren, Sexual Harrassment Officers – 94th SRC

Week 2, Semester 1, 2022

Hi! We’re your Sexual Harassment Officers for 2022. We’ve got a big year ahead of us but we’re excited to do the work and make strides for effective changes on campus.

Sexual Harassment Officers have historically stood behind the work of the Wom*n’s Collective and we will continue to do so throughout our tenure. WoCo holds regular meetings and organises multiple campaigns throughout the year and we encourage all those interested to get involved.
During O-Week the WoCo organised a powerful rally to condemn Sydney University’s endemic culture of sexual harassment on campus. Speeches were given by Misbah Ansari, Fiona Laughren, Lauren Lancaster, Alana Ramshaw, Grace Lagan and Hannah Rose. Each speech addressed the shocking lack of support extended by management and exposed the pervasive disinterest in the safety and care of students both on campus and at the residential colleges. With students returning to venues after a two-year pandemic, many are learning to navigate society again. The testimonies given in both written form, via pamphlets given out, as well as orally articulated the urgent state of affairs on campus, that the education of students is being heavily compromised by the lack of departmental action on behalf of victims.

We also celebrate the success of the ‘Teach Us Consent’ campaign launched last year by Chanel Contos. The campaign has garnered support from multiple Ministers of Education from around the country and has unanimously committed to mandating a holistic and age-appropriate education on consent in every school. This curriculum will include comprehensive consent education including the understanding of gendered stereotypes, coercion, and power imbalances. This curriculum is expected to be rolled out in 2023.

The University has now also started to provide Responding with Compassion, Responding to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Student Leader sessions for Student Leaders which is a welcome addition as we return to on-campus activities with multiple camps and events already underway. A number of SRC councillors, office bearers and C&S executives have already taken or signed up for this training.

In the first few weeks of Semester 1, we hope to meet with the University’s Student Liaison Officers to better understand their process on how they assist the student body and then discover if there are ways to improve their methods. Ultimately, our intentions are to increase student awareness of their services, understand how their services operate and whether or not their services can be improved in any way. The University appears to have methods in place for adequate sexual assault reporting, but have historically failed and disappointed survivors and we want to uncover how such appaling failures have continued to happen.

Should you ever need to contact us, you can do so at

Li (Kelsey) Jin, Courtney Daley and Hao (Raymond) Yan, Sexual Harrassment Officers – 93rd SRC

Week 2, Semester 1, 2021

In the last few weeks, we have witnessed a series of sexual harassment&assault related issues happened to students like us and even all the way to the parliament.

A week ago, more than 16,500 signed a petition calling for reform to protect students in high schools, over 2500 survivors share their stories to support this petition, and the youngest one is only 13 years old. At the same time, the Attorney-General Mr. Porter was accused of raping 16 years old teenager decades ago, senior staff in the government was accused of sexually assault 4 people…

Even though none of these cases has anything to do with our university, but it does not mean that we are doing perfect jobs. I personally had been through sexual harassment and assault on the campus last semester, because of this experience, students with similar experience would share their stories together. There are rooms for improvements when it comes to our universities supporting our students.