Danielle Tweedale, Ki Joo (Andy) Park, Lydia Elias and Annabel Pettit – Refugee Rights Officers, 94th SRC

Week 5, Semester 1, 2022

Together with other refugee rights OBs I organised a student contingent to the Justice for Refugees rally this Sunday and was proud to speak alongside the Tamil refugee contingent beforehand too. I’ve been involved in Tamil refugee council (trc) meetings in the lead up to this rally and it’s been great to work with such a steely group of fighters so determined to take on not just the Sri Lankan state for their crimes against Tamils, but the Australian government too. The next action we’ll be working towards together will be Tamil Genocide Day in May, which marks the anniversary of the Mullivaikal beach massacre of 2009 in Sri Lanka, a genocide which the Australian government supported militarily to their eternal shame. Together with the src we also want to host a screening of the movie ‘No Fire Zone’, which is a documentary on the events of 2009, which despite being such recent and gruesome history, isn’t super widely understood. This will happen in the weeks leading up to Tamil massacre day with an idea of drawing more students into refugee activism.