SRC Queer Officers Report – Week 12, Sem 2, 2018

The queer action collective this semester has had a much less controversial first sem than last year—our main drama’s have come from right wing Zionists doxing us, which we take as a sign that we are doing a good job. We have organised frequent contingents to rallies, providing support to campaigns against all the terrible things capitalists have been doing to the world. We ran a film screening of ‘riot’ which was a massive success because people actually turned up. Queer Honi went off, even though both the queer officers almost died from lack of sleep (psa, 12 coffees in one night will make your nose bleed). After a well-deserved hibernation period we are back into the swing of things, planning attending conferences later on this semester, as well as lots of other fun and controversial activities. I’ve run out of things to say so here is a list of interesting facts.

  • Israel is a terrorist state occupying Palestinian land.
  • White Australia has a black history, present and future.
  • The choice to have an abortion is a decision that should be made by an individual, not the state.
  • Gender equality will not be achieved through more female CEOs.
  • Climate change is real and it will impact you.
  • We need to stop Adani.
  • No human is illegal.
  • Everyone deserves the right to seek asylum.
  • Borders are fake.
  • The University of Sydney invests in arms companies.
  • 1% of the populations own half the world’s wealth. They don’t have your best interest at heart.
  • Ethical consumption isn’t the way to save the world.
  • You can’t buy, work or vote your way out of capitalism.
  • Communism will win.