SRC General Secretary Report – Week 1, Sem 2, 2019

General Secretaries
Yuxuan Yang and Niamh Callinan

SSAF Application
On the 31st of January, the SRC’s SSAF Application was successfully sent off. This was within the deadline given and included both the base funding and contestable funding aspects of the application. We would like to give a massive thank you to Dane who as Acting President signed and officially sent the application. We would also like to say a massive thank you to Chitra (Administration), James and Mel (Casework and Policy), Amanda and Mickie (Communications and Publications), Thomas (SRC Legal Service), Karen (Elections) for the work they put into the application, and also their ideas and suggestions for improving each department’s capacity over the coming year.

In regards to the final numbers of the application, this will not be confirmed until around April, so whilst the application has been received and acknowledged, we are still awaiting further communication as to the progress of the application and the final amounts the SRC will receive from the SSAF resource pool this year.

Council’s First Meeting/ Reps Elect
We are very excited to finally have all the OB positions elected and we have started to communicate with all the officers in regards to what they are hoping to achieve this year. We both look forward to continuing to discuss and assist all OBs and Collectives in their plans for the coming year.

Welcome Week
Welcome Week is finally upon us; we have spent that last few weeks finalising the merchandise, the allocation of stalls, volunteers and packing all the material into the SRC tote bags.
We run out of 2000 SRC bag, including orientation-countercourse handbook, logo pen, SRC help flyer, SRC sticker and so on, and more than 2500 wall planer. We would like to thank the Welcome Week Committee for their assistance in organising Welcome Week, and also all the OBs and Collectives for their enthusiasm, time and energy they have placed into meeting the deadlines for printing and materials for this week. .We are very touched and we would like to great thank to the volunteers, you help us to let more students understand src, let us truly integrate students, understand students, represent students. We look forward to more volunteers joining us.