SRC Education Officers Report – Week 8, Sem 1 2018

Lara Sonnenschein and Lily Campbell

Hey all, hope your assignments are getting done in reasonable time and the student poverty isn’t bothering you too bad this week. The Education officers have been keeping busy engaged with a range of campaigns, particularly with Palestine Solidarity activism, the ACTU Change the Rules campaign and building the Black Deaths in Custody. Following recent events on the Gaza border, in which over 30 Palestinian peaceful protestors have been murdered by the Israeli Occupation Forces, we have been working in close collaboration with Students for Palestine on campus and Hersha Kadkol, NUS Ethnocultural Officer. Together we have helped to organise an action/speak out on campus for May 2, you can find it on facebook by searching ‘Stand with Palestine: Raise the Flag at USYD’. Please come along and join us, and if you would like to help spread the word please contact myself (Lily) or Lara for materials.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions and Unions NSW have called a May Day rally for May 6, as part of the Change the Rules campaign. This is a good campaign that seeks to put union rights at the front of political discussion in Australia – as the left we want to put forward the argument that the current industrial relations system will only be challenged through industrial action, defying the rules. We are co-hosting the ‘Strike to Change the Rules’ contingent to the rally and encourage all students to come along.

On May 12 there is a protest organised by FIRE against Black Deaths In Custody. Showing solidarity with Aboriginal people should be of paramount importance to all student activists in this deeply racist country. Building for this rally will form much of our work in weeks to come.

And finally, what may be the final Turnbull budget is coming up soon – watch this space! We will be planning an action in the week following the budget – it’s sure to be a classic Liberal budget full of attacks on students.