Social Justice Officer’s Report

The Social Justice Officer position is in need of serious evaluation and amendment. The Office’s remit is nebulous and the number of Officer Bearers makes coordination difficult at the best of times. Furthermore, the position is seen as a joke.

When I took this role, I thought that something could be made of it. I was wrong. I recommend for the position to be amended so that only one person can hold the Office so that they can be held individually accountable. The functions of the Office should be clearly defined and expectations should be set. The position should not just be another line in the CV, but something of substance.

To give you an idea of what at present is involved in being a Social Justice Officer: Soon after being appointed I managed to gain access to the email account (who knew there was one?), and the messages had not been read. During my tenure I saw a Facebook page from the USYD SRC Social Justice Department sharing an event. I was joyful that it was active. However, there was no reply to my message querying who was running it. From the activity on the page I have surmised it is merely a front for Socialist Alternative and nothing more.

For next year’s Social Justice Officers, I can only wish you the best of luck that you may do better than this year. The bar has been set very low. Unless the position is significantly amended, I would recommend that it be abolished.

Hugs and kisses, Alex Eordogh

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