Residential College Officers – Week 5, Sem 2, 2019

<em>James Ardouin and Annabel De Mestre</em>

It is to our great pleasure that we’re able to present the first report of the Residential College Officers in some time. It is also our privilege to report to the Council that in a meeting of the Residential Colleges Officers, the Department has created the Intercollegiate Collective. This is to be led in 2019 by the Residential College Officers James (Chairperson), and Annabel (Deputy-Chairperson).

The Collective is dedicated to providing College Residents an independent grassroots voice, so that they may have input on the cultural renewal at the College Community, but also to provide a bridge between the Universities administration and the Residents.
Unfortunately, there currently is no budgeted funding for the Department or the Collective. As undoubtedly there will be funding required before the next budget is passed, further talks will have to be entered into by the Collective with the President and General Secretaries; of which Niamh, Jacky and Dane have already been very helpful in providing advice.

The first priority of the Collective Executive is working to ensure the structure of the Collective is set up the best way possible, considering the complicated set of dynamics that exists between different stakeholders. The Residential College Officers are working on meeting with all the Colleges Senior Students and Principals and within the next coming weeks. A Facebook group will be created soon, as well as a formal launch of the Collective at an event, which the format of this will be decided on in the future. The Executive looks forward to achieving its mandate in fighting for the interests of Residents and ensuring all College Residents can experience the most constructive University experience possible.