Presidents Report: The growth of the Palmer United Party

The growth of the Palmer United Party

The projections of the WA senate election on Saturday demonstrate a swing towards the Greens, and Palmer United Party with 6.7, and 7 per cent respectively. While the majority parties received a swing against them, a 5.6 per cent swing against Labor, and a 5 per cent swing against the Liberal.

But why are people voting in such mass?

The Palmer United Party is the newest venture from Clive Palmer, a former Liberal Party remember and owner of mineralogy. Clive Palmer’s net worth is estimated at $895, with iron ore, nickel, and coal holdings.
Palmer spent big on the WA senate election mainly on television ads, and the biggest question now is whether the Palmer United Party’s success can be attributed to the money spent, or the policy?

The Palmer United Party’s policies are an interesting combination of social progression and economically and environmentally conservative.

Party officials should not be lobbyists, thereby taking a strong position on paid political lobbyists, saving tax payers dollars and introducing fair policies.

  • Abolish the carbon tax
  • Revising the current Australian government refugee policy to ensure Australia is protected and refugees are given opportunities for a better future and lifestyle
  • Creating mineral wealth to continuously contribute to the welfare of the Australian community.
  • Establishing a system where people create wealth in various parts of the country and for that wealth to flow back to the community that generates the wealth. For example, if a particular region creates wealth, a significant percentage of that wealth should go back to the region.
  • Closing down detention centres for asylum-seeker boat arrivals
  • Moving towards free trade and closer economic relations with Asia.
  • Decentralisation and regional self-government, such as a new North Queensland state.
  • Encouraging competitive markets by restricting monopoly and prohibiting unfair trading practices.
  • Abolish higher education fees.

Minority Parties are increasing their primary votes which was seen particularly in the Federal Parliament.

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