Online learning gave us online exams, which have been invigilated by programs such as ProctorU. Here are some tips for you to consider.

Tips on avoiding plagiarism during ProctorU exams:

Students can get into trouble if they breach the rules of exams, so be sure to read the rules carefully before your exam starts. Some ProctorU exams aren’t invigilated live, only recorded and later reviewed, so because they are not real time invigilated exams, you won’t be warned at the start of the exam as you would for in-person invigilated exams about some of the potential breaches.

Preparing your Computer

May sure to check your computer settings at least a few days before your exam, that includes checking your camera, and audio settings are set up correctly and appropriately for your online exam. During the exam make sure you close all other windows and applications on the device you are using for that exam as well as any other device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc). If you are doing your exam overseas and your exam is scheduled for between 10pm and 6:59am your local time, you may be eligible for special arrangements.

If you have technical difficulties during an exam, you should apply for special consideration as soon as your exam is finished. Try to get evidence of the issue to submit with your application, you should also notify your Unit Coordinator as soon as possible.

It is better to avoid technical problems as special consideration may not be approved. It is important that you apply for special consideration within 3 working days if you experience illness or misadventure with documentation that covers that dates you were affected. If you cannot apply within the 3 working days, please contact the SRC for advice as soon as possible

Exam materials not permitted:

You are not allowed to wear wired or unwired headphones during your online exams. If you need quiet for the exam you can wear foam earplugs, or go to a library or another quiet location where you can focus. You may not be allowed to look at your phone or look away from the computer screen during the exam. If you are seen to be looking around, the Uni will want to know what you are looking at. You will be advised in writing prior to exam if there are any materials you are allowed to access during the exam, including formula sheets. ProctorU will detect if you access any other online resources during the exam.

Movement during exams:

The ProctorU mechanism may not be able to differentiate between regular nervous movement and legitimate cheating. For example, if a student was looking at a clock off from their screen, then that may be identified as suspicious, it is at the instructor’s full discretion to address ‘suspicious’ behaviour. If possible, avoid anything that might be considered suspicious.


The process of appeal can be lengthy for issues of a technical nature, so check your equipment well ahead of the exam and notify the faculty of any problems then. Please contact the SRC for advice

Alternative to ProctorU:

There are some limited spaces available for in person exams on campus. If this would be a better option for you, talk to your subject coordinator or an SRC caseworker or call 9660 5222