Hi Abe,

I have a few health things going on, and the cost of doctors and medications is really hard to manage. Also, I haven’t been to the dentist since I started uni, and my parents can’t help with any of these expenses. Do students get any help with this kind of thing or am I on my own?


Dear Toothache,

I’m sorry to hear about this situation, but there might be something that can help. You may be eligible for a Low Income Healthcare Card. If your income averages under $636.00 per week as a single person with no children, over an eight week period, you can apply for the card. The benefits include cheaper prescription medication, bulk-billed medical and dental care (subject to the practitioner’s discretion), ambulance cover, and in some cases, discounted power bills.

If you meet the income test, you don’t need to already be receiving a Centrelink payment to be eligible. Lots of students are eligible for this card and they may not even know it – and it could help you access the care you need while saving you lots of money.