International Students’ Officers’ Report – Week 5, Sem 1, 2017

International Students’ Officers’ Report
Helena Ng Wai Ting, Yifan Kong, Wenxin Fang and Zhixian Wang

2017 has seen a busy start for the International Students’ Collective. The collective was established roughly one year ago and one of the major focuses for 2017 International Students’ Officers is the growth and development of the collective to better engage international students on campus.

The preparation for Oweek kicked start early in January. The collective painted a banner featuring greeting words written in several languages as we wish to embrace foreign friends. During Oweek, more than 300 people signed up to join the collective. One thing I would like to highlight here is the booklet produced by four International Students. The booklet not only explained in details the vision, structure, operation, and the plans of the collective, but also briefly illustrated the organizing structures and essential functions of student organizations and media platforms on campus, including the USU, SRC, and Honi Soit. We hope that by distributing booklets, we could inform international students of student organizations and guide them to integrate into campus life. Lastly, we would say thank you to everyone involved in the process.

The first collective meeting was held in Week 3 at the SRC office. During the meeting, we discussed our plans for 2017, including the proposal to publish International Students’ Honi edition and to add the International Students’ Revue to USU Identity Revue Season. The collective recognized that while initiating these two programs takes time, we would like to negotiate with Honi editorial team and USU representatives as we believe that issues International Students face are different from those faced by POC community and there’s a demand to showcase our own identity. The Collective also open several positions for international students to nominate including Marketing Officers, Programs Officers, and Event Coordinators.

The International Student’s Officers have been drafting the first collective constitution for the past two weeks and we hope that with the finalization of the constitution and regulation, the operation of the collective can be more standardized. The collective would like to say thank you to Wom*n’s Officers for their generous help during the procedure.