International Student Officer’s Report – Week 11, Sem 2, 2016

Alexander Shu, Jasmine Yu, Anqi Zhao

As for result of the election for 89th SRC, we would like to congratulate Stand Up for International Students and International Students for SRC getting on board for the next year term. Also, there are many new members joining the International Students Collective during the election and other time, which is really great for the development of the collective and our voice.

At the same time, there are close collaborations with SUPRA for NSW Opal Card Travel Concession Card Campaign, and with USU for International Students Council meeting to improve international students’ unilife.

We would like to draw attention on the articles published by Honi Soit as international students being racially targeted during senate election. We express our deep concerns among the current result of the senate election and disappointment on that no action was taken in response after numerous complaints raised with Returning Officer David Pacey. We would like to suggest that the Collective should keep working closely with ACAR so that we can team up to build up safer, more equal, more diverse campus.

Please do not hesitate to email , if you have any concerns of your university life. Also, welcome to the Facebook group of International Students Collective, we are all here for you, we are all here for a better unilife, we are all here for international students.