Niamh Callinan and Yuxuan Yang

The general secretary mainly focused on the following basic affairs:

  • SSAF Funding Negotiation
  • The SRC, managerial committee of the university and other related student organizations have been gathering together to discuss several critical issues regarding the allocation and distribution of SSAF Funding for 2019. The base pool of SSAF has been announced, and the contest pool is scheduled to be published after the meeting of student life committee in early May. We acknowledge the endeavor and contribution from the President Jacky He and Vice-President Dane Luo of SRC.
  • Meeting with SRC OBs for their annual projects and relevant budget.
  • Relevant meetings have been convened by General Secretaries for the purpose of discussing the annual projects and budget with OBs and Senior Executives, Vice-President Wanlin (Caitlyn) Chu attended these meetings. Currently most of the departments have submitted their respective budget template, further comparison between individual projects, budget from other SRC Departments (Legal Service, Case Worker and Management) and the aggregated funding of SRC will be conducted recently. We will dedicate to catering to all reasonable demands and the result will be announced at council meeting in June.
  • Distributing free breakfast in eastern avenue for student fortnightly.
  • Free breakfast distribution scheme purposed by the General Secretaries has been launched in Week 8, over 100 serves of free breakfast (BAE roll, yogurt, juice and fresh fruit) have been distributed. Feedbacks we received from participating students indicated that our expected objectives have been satisfied, and we are looking forward to attracting more participants in our future event.