Gabrielle Pei Tiatia tells you why we should stop Abbott not the boats

Since day one of Abbott’s Prime Ministership, our action as pro-refugee students has never been more urgent. The Liberal Party (LNP) has already spent over 7.2 billion dollars on expanding offshore camps, brutalising refugees and violating international law; meanwhile, they’re cutting 2.3 billion from the public university sector (which translates to 50 million dollars cut from USyd). This is a clear illustration of the LNP’s priorities and a clear reason why we should be fighting back against them.

At the Lowy Institute last week, Morrison announced the introduction of the Australian Border Force to take over customs and the Navy to turn back asylum seekers coming by boat. This is only to serve a rhetoric which shifts policy focus on militarising borders, that further stigmatises refugees and overlooks the reality  of the persecution asylum seekers are fleeing from.

While Morrison and Abbott champion their policies for “stopping the boats” and hide behind a tough facade, they’re actually more vulnerable than ever. The Nauruan Government have come out announcing it will not resettle Australia’s refugees , and now the LNP are frantically trying to negotiate with neighbouring impoverished countries to take up our international obligations.

The Liberals have consistently been feeding the Australian public lies – bolstering vile myths, xenophobia and using racial scapegoating for their own political expediency. Despite how horrific these policies are however, this isn’t a time to despair. The movement under Howard showed that a pro-refugee mandate can be won through building a strong grassroots movement.

Tens of thousands have hit the streets to demand justice for asylum seekers and there is already a strong foundation being built to fight back against Abbott – pro-refugee groups at universities, schools, workplaces, unions, occupations etc. have been established all over the country that are committed to growing the movement.

Students are a vital component of the broader movement outside of parliament. We are always at the forefront of pushing progressive political agendas and we have have the power to dismantle Operation Sovereign Borders and shatter this pillar of systematic racism to shape an equitable future for the most vulnerable. In order to do this, we need to unite collectively to demand a principled and humane approach to refugee processing and resettlement. This can only begin by breaking bipartisan support, shutting down offshore processing centres and ending mandatory detention.
The Anti-Racism Collective (ARC) is committed to strengthening the refugee campaign by educating students and building up their confidence to become activists.
ARC meets every Tuesday, 1pm on New Law Lawns. All welcome!
For more info, check out our facebook page, ‘Anti-Racism Collective Sydney Uni’ or contact Gabby on 0416 488 258
We hope you can join us. Stand up, fight back!

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