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A lot has been happening around refugees in the past couple of months, but nothing’s changed with Morrison and Abbott, who continue to bolster their anti-refugee narrative

Recently, Scott Morrison has come out announcing the release of children from onshore immigration detention centres. But his announcement is incredibly deceptive as it only refers to children and their families who are already living in the community – all the Liberal Party is doing is transferring the ‘status’ of these refugees from being held in community detention, to being put on bridging visas. This announcement came at interesting timing as Morrison just last week, faced a Human Rights Commission inquiry regarding the eroding mental health of children locked up in detention. The timing of his announcement is without a doubt an attempt to dampen the increasing backlash towards Operation Sovereign borders and and all that it entails.

Also significant, 2 G4S guards have been charged with the murder of Reza Barati after an investigation by the PNG Police. But true justice for Reza and his family, doesn’t end with two employees of the Australian Government being charged with murder; that is just the beginning. Justice will be served by destroying the brutal detention regime that enabled his murder in the first place and by exposing to everyone that no matter who he points the finger to, Scott Morrison is the one ultimately responsible for his death.

The Abbott Government have used refugees as a scapegoat and a spearhead to try and pass through their viscous budget that attacks the most vulnerable in our society. With the Liberal Party’s attacks on students, pensioners, universal healthcare, welfare recipients, the disabled, the unemployed and almost everyone else, it’s clear that the enemy isn’t refugees, but the politicians sitting in parliament.


The Anti-Racism Collective (ARC) is hosting its first forum of the semester next week on WEDNESDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER 1PM in NEW LAW LECTURE THEATRE 026 with special guests MARK ISAACS, a former Salvation Army worker on Nauru and author of ‘The Undesirables’ and DR LOUISE BOON-KUO, a law professor at Sydney University with a specialty in refugee law. We will also have a dedicated refugee activist from ARC talking about what students can do to fight back against Operation Sovereign Borders. Come along for a great discussion!

ARC meets every Monday 12pm on New Law Lawns. All welcome! It’s never been a more important time to get involved in the campaign. For more info, check out our Facebook page, ‘Anti-Racism Collective Sydney Uni’ or contact Gabby on 0416 488 258. Stand up fight back!

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