Meeting of the Representatives-elect of the 94th Students’ Representative Council

A meeting of Representatives-elect of the 94th SRC will be held on Wednesday 20th October at 5pm via ZOOM.

To attend the meeting please email:

Nomination Form: Please fill in the nomination form for any officer or committee position for the 94th University of Sydney SRC.

The following positions are open to nomination from members of the undergraduate student body:

General Secretary
Education Officer
Wom*n’s Officer
Two Disabilities and Carers Officers
Two Environment Officers
Two Ethno-Cultural Officers
Two Global Solidarity Officers
Two Indigenous Students’ Officers
Two Inter-Campus Officers
Two Inter-Campus Committee members*
Two Interfaith Officers
Two International Students’ Officers
Two Mature-Age Students’ Officers
Two Queer Officers
Two Refugee Rights Officers
Two Residential College Officers
Two Sexual Harassment Officers
Two Social Justice Officers
Two Standing Legal Committee members*
Two Student Housing Officers
Two Welfare Officers
Chairperson of the Standing Legal Committee
Six Directors of Student Publications

The following positions are open to nomination from representatives of the 94th Council:
Five Executive members

*must be a member of council. To be considered you must be either an elected representative,
an office bearer an ex officio member.

Positions in italic cannot be shared (SRC Regulations Part One Section 3d). All other positions may be split ONCE only (Part One Section 3c).

Nominations shall be taken from the floor at the meeting. However, nomination forms may be submitted in advance via the above form.

Descriptions of positions are found within the Regulations of the SRC available on the SRC website:

Note: Part One Section 4b. states:
Where an Officer position is split and shared between two members of the student body it shall only be considered held by a woman, for the purposes of Part 1 Section 4 (a) of the Regulations, if both of the joining members of the student body do not identify as cis-males.

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Voter Information

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Election Enquiries & Contact

The 2021 SRC Electoral Officer is Riki Scanlan who can be contacted via email:

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