Notice of Elections

All University of Sydney students enrolled in undergraduate degrees or diplomas, or as other non-degree students, are eligible to vote in or nominate for the Annual Elections.

Nominations for the following elections/positions are now closed:

ElectionNumber of Positions
Representatives to the 95th Council41
Editor(s) of Honi Soit1 (Up to 10 people may jointly nominate)
Delegates to the National Union of Students7

NEW POLLING DATES: Polling will now be held on campus on Mon 19th, Tues 20th, and Wed 21st Sept 2022.

  • Jane Foss Russell: Monday – Wednesday, 8.45AM – 5.15PM
  • Fisher Library: Tuesday & Wednesday, 8.45AM – 5.15PM
  • Manning House: Wednesday, 10.45AM – 3.15PM
  • Conservatorium of Music: Wednesday, 10.30AM – 3.30PM
  • Charles Perkins Centre: Tuesday, 10:45AM – 3:15PM
  • Peter Nicol Russell Building: Tuesday, 10:45AM – 3:15PM

Voters who are unable to vote in-person at the specified times above are able to request an online absentee vote. Registration for online absentee voting begins on 7 September 2022. Applications will be effectively accepted up until 1.00PM 16 September 2022.

The SRC Elections are conducted according to the SRC Constitution and Regulations, which are available here:

For further information, please contact the Electoral Officer via

Election Honi features candidate statements, policies, photos, and CVs so that you can make an informed choice about your vote in the 2022 SRC elections. It’s been put together through the hard work of the outgoing Honi Soit team.

Print copies will be on Honi stands from Wed 7 September for one week, and are available from the SRC Offices, and at all polling booths during elections.

Click on the image of Election Honi to view the edition online, or click the buttons below:

Election Enquiries & Contact

The 2022 SRC Electoral Officer is Riki Scanlan who can be contacted via email:

Authorised by R.Scanlan, 2022 Electoral Officer,
Students’ Representative Council, University of Sydney