2021 Students Representative Council Election Information

The 2021 SRC Annual Elections are being held during Semester 2 and nominations open on August 5th. For more information about the SRC elections please refer to the Notice of Election (issued on August 5th). For information how to nominate see the Nomination Information page. For information on how to vote, please refer to the Voter Information page.

Nomination Information

How to nominate as a candidate in the 2021 SRC Election

Nominations are CLOSED

Voter Information

How to vote in the 2021 SRC Election

Election Enquiries & Contact

The 2021 SRC Electoral Officer is Riki Scanlan who can be contacted via email: elections@src.usyd.edu.au

ELECTION HONI: The Election Edition of Honi Soit

This edition of Honi Soit contains policies and CV’s for all election candidates and is essential reading for voters!