James Newbold and Jessy Xu

This semester the Education Action Group is continuing its campaign in collaboration with NTEU members against the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation, a brainchild of John Howard and Tony Abbott seeking to teach an elitist and racist curriculum on our campus.

It is not an option to let university management claim that opposition to Ramsay has died down. We’ve joined the Staff Against Ramsay in flyering about the Ramsay Centre and we will be cohosting a forum with academic and student speakers. The NTEU rally against managerialism was a great success supported by students. Thanks to those who supported the rally and turned up.

Like the Sydney University Education Action Group on Facebook to stay up to date on our campaigns and message to get involved. We plan to keep supporting the NTEU and the work of activist SRC Collectives. We also plan to launch a campaign around public transport directed at university management, as our state Liberal government is refusing to listen to students voices. International and part-time students deserve concession public transport fares. International students deserve the option to study part-time and fair visas that prevent exploitation at work, not worsen it. Public transport should be free to access, funded by taxing corporations and the wealthy.

Jingrui is collaborating with the Vice-President Caitlyn to organise a social skills training workshop in May, which focuses on helping students solve issues encountered during socialising and providing the opportunities for students to get practice during the workshop. Working with SRC Staff, this workshop will mainly focus on mental-health issues, and resolving these problems for students.