Dylan Parker updates us on how our SSAF money is being spent by the SRC

While the happenings of your student Office Bearers may not be the sexiest of topics but reporting what we get up to is definitely important when as an organisation we are funded with your money. So as much as I would love to make every report a musing on the merits of smashing the state or flying the flag of free markets as some do, it is probably worth updating you all on what I’ve been up to in the last couple weeks as your General Secretary.

Regarding the budget, in recent weeks David (Pres), Chitra (Admin Manager) and I have been putting together the budget attempting to transition the SRC through a $70,000 reduction in SSAF funding. In addition, the SRC is undergoing several staffing changes that will impact the bottom line and due to their fixed nature will the need to look at more discretionary elements of our expenditure.

Due to our staffing changes I have along with David been involved in several selection committees screening CVs, conducting interviews, and recommending applicants to Executive. Having been involved in several over the course of the year, I have consistently been impressed by the calibre of applicants.

As a progressive student association, I am glad we affiliate to the National Union of Students so that we have a voice at the table on a national level. Recognising that student interests are best represented when all student associations carry their weight rather than just a select few being involved, I have been negotiations with the National General Secretary of NUS in order to find a reasonable outcome for affiliation that will be pleasing to all groups  Left, Right, and in between.

As a requirement of our final instalment of the SSAF, the University has requested that the SRC formulate Key Performance Indicators for our departments. An ongoing process, while I am open to the use of KPIs I am cautious of their use by the University as an attempt to subvert our independence.

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