Dylan Parker let’s us in to the SSAF allocations

So I’ve been holding off on any SSAF and budget related reports until we received more of an indication from the University in regards to our 2013 funding. On Friday, we finally received the SRC’s funding outlook from the University for 2013, so from now on I can get a little nerdy.
In total, USyd student organisations will be allocated $10,203,401 in SSAF funds, with the breakdown between organisations being:

SRC:    $1,420,000
SUPRA: $1,000,000
CSG: $605,000
SUSF:  $3,763,401
USU: $3,110,000
Student Support Services: $305,000
TOTAL: $10,203,401

So for 2013 this means that the SRC will receive $1,420,000 in SSAF funds,  a reduction the $1,493,093.64 in 2012. From a budgeting perspective this means I can begin to finalise the budget for the 85th Council.

Look, I’ve said it before USyd’s SSAF process isn’t perfect. In fact, its not even great. The University has the power over your money and student organisations are forced to play along. Last year we had to negotiate between ourselves over a fixed figure and the University substituted historical funding with SSAF student money. A large new injection should have been possible.

Frankly, the situation is by no means ideal because with new funds being raised the SRC deserves to be better funded. We provide vital services to students and should be expanding them. However, the good news is that this reduction won’t result in any significant changes to our overall operations. Our caseworkers, legal service, publications, and second-hand bookstore are going to keep on being awesome for another year.

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