David Pink explains why the SRC did not have a stall at Open Day 2013

I have manned the SRC stall at Open Day every single year since I started university, and it is usually a fantastic opportunity to inform prospective students of their student representative organisation’s services, and ways they can get involved in our collectives should they be activist inclined.

I actually decided to go to Sydney University because of the SRC stall at Open Day. The then-President Elly Howse had a large stock of Honi Soits, and I took a few and after reading them thought that USYD sounded a lot more fun than UNSW.  (This year, that might have been a bit more difficult – a lot of the high school students are probably under-18 so we wouldn’t be able to hand out one particular issue).

Open Day is very, very important to us. However, it was our unanimous decision that the interests of undergraduate students (current and future) at the University of Sydney would be undermined if we went ahead with the stall.

Instead, we will be leafleting prospective students and informing them of why wages and conditions for staff are important. They have a right to know.
I’m not going to bother explaining why staff’s wages and conditions are important. If you’re not convinced by now, you’ll never be convinced.

I’m writing this article before the action at Open Day, but I wanted to reiterate that no matter what happens: the SRC stands in complete and 100% solidarity with staff.

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