David Pink explains the importance of national student unionism

Last Wednesday night, your Student Representative Council (SRC) decided to pay $62,000 in affiliation fees to the National Union of Students (NUS).

The majority of students on the Council have absolutely nothing to gain personally from this move, so why did we all agree to pay such a tremendous amount of money on an external organisation?
Because we believe in the importance of national student unionism.

This might sound esoteric, but what can we expect from the NUS in a year like 2014? There will be an Abbott government with a working majority in the Senate, for one thing, so we need a fighting organisation to stop it.
In order to promote mass involvement in the NUS, the SRC will be hosting an NUS policy evening so that the ordinary student can come along and write policy on the issues that matter to students.
We held one last year and it was incredibly successful.

The University of Sydney has seven democratically elected student delegates to the NUS National Conference in December, and they’re there to work for you. You’ll need to have two democratically elected delegates move and second the motion, but I can guarantee that your policy suggestions will be meaningful.

Some things you can write your policies on? Fee deregulation? Equal marriage? The need for universities to provide accessible childcare?
The policy evening will be on at 5.30pm, Thursday, October 17. Location to be announced.

Please check the SRC Facebook page for more details.

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