The Education Officers think that Beauty is on the streets!

A slogan from the student protests in Paris in May ‘68 reads “la beaute est dans la rue” or ‘the beauty is in the streets’. I’m sure anyone who went to the March in March last weekend can attest. Over 10,000 in Sydney, and 100,000 people across the country around rallied and shut down city streets to protest the government in an inspiring display of opposition. Because contrary to what they teach you in Government, voting once every three years for one right-wing tosser or another isn’t democratic. It’s self-evident these days when the results of elections mean we live in a world where Tony Abbott is Prime Minister and Gina Rinehart’s poetry is displayed publicly. Come on. Nobody wants that. The March in March showed us what real democracy looks like. It gave a voice to plebs like you and me, who find ourselves excluded from the pages of the Australian and the Daily Telegraph, excluded from the backrooms and boardrooms, and from the rotten halls of Parliament. A refreshing reminder that Tory-haters are not alone and that we can fight back (and not by voting Labor).  

Last week the EAG hosted Rowan Cahill and Terry Irving in a forum on ‘The radical history of Sydney Univesity.’ Over 100 students, staff members and community members attended the forum to hear brilliant stories of student activism and rebellion.

On the national day of action on this Wednesday, it’s time for students and education staff to March in March. We’re faced with a fraught and underfunded education system, with a further $900 million in cuts on the table. We’re faced with a stone-age Education Minister who wants
to further entrench the celebration of Western values (racism, colonialism, mass murder) in the curriculum, and erase women and Indigenous people from history. We’re faced with attacks on student welfare, which could see HECS increase by up to 40% for working class and low SES students. We’re faced with the Group of Eight universities (which include Sydney Uni) suggesting they forgo government funding for certain degrees like Law, Accounting and Commerce, i.e removing their HECS status and replacing them with full-fee paying places. And we’re faced with the pièce de résistance of reasons to come to the rally: Tony Abbott. Enough said.
Defend your education – PROTEST: Wednesday March 26th, 12pm @ Fisher Library.

See you there!

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