Dear Abe,

I’m really stressed. I don’t really know what’s happening, and I am getting some conflicting information from the Uni. The threat of covid is big enough for the uni to change to online classes only, but nobody from the government is stopping us from going out. I’ve seen lots of conflicting articles on Facebook, and frankly I don’t know what to do to protect myself. Please help.


Dear Fearful,

I am sorry to hear that you are stressed; it is completely understandable. There is always going to be conflicting information in social media and even on the news. It is probably best to listen to “trusted sources”, like the NSW Health Department, and ABC News. They have clear information on how to do “social distancing”, and what to do if you feel unwell.

If you can keep up with your studies, that might help to keep your mind busy. Email your subject coordinator about what arrangements have been made for your subjects, especially if there are practical components. If you feel too distressed to maintain your studies talk to an SRC Caseworker about it by emailing

Take the time to have online meetings with friends. You could meet on Skype or zoom or messenger, and you could have a meal, watch a movie (e.g., Netflix Party), or do a virtual tour of a zoo or museum. If you are feeling distressed, and don’t find it helpful to talk to a friend, try talking to a counsellor. There are plenty available through the telephone (Lifeline 131 114) or online (Headspace).

Most of all look after yourself and your friends.