Hi Abe,

At the beginning of the year I enrolled in 4 subjects but now I don’t think I can cope with that workload. What should I do?


Dear Overwhelmed,

The HECS census date is 31st March in semester one and 6th September in semester two. This means that you can drop any subject before then, without any academic or financial penalty. Before dropping any subject, make sure that you understand the impact it will have on Centrelink payments, visas, and travel concession cards. Dropping from 4 to 3 subjects will not affect your full time enrollment status, but international students need to be aware of visa requirements. COVID has meant that there is more flexibility with visa requirements, but get permission before changing your study load.

Even if you do not want to change your study load make sure your enrolment is correct prior to the HECS census date.


More information on Withdrawing & Discontinuing