Dear Abe,

I thought I picked some good subjects this semester, but I just can’t understand the teacher in 2 of my subjects. Nothing is happening that is wrong in my life, I’m just don’t understand what they are saying and I’m not actually that interested in the topics. Is there a way I can withdraw from them without having to pay for them or is too late?


Dear Trying,

The deadline for Discontinuing without Failing a subject (DC) is Saturday 24th April. If you are a domestic student, you can go do this through Sydney Student. If you are an international student, the process is a bit more complex, and you will be required to show that you need to reduce your study load. Go to for details.

Any subject that you are enrolled in after the census date (31st March) is billable, whether through fees or HECS. If there is a compelling reason that you need to drop the subject now, like unexpected illness or misadventure, you could apply for a remission of HECS or a refund of fees. You will need documentation to support your claim. If you need help with this, ask an SRC caseworker by emailing

If you are on a Centrelink payment, or a student visa, talk to an SRC caseworker before dropping to part time study, as this will affect your student status.

More information on Discontinuing a subject…

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