Hi Abe,

I have only just come out and I have no friends. Well I had a couple of friends before, but they don’t really want to hang out with me now. I’m lonely, and too shy to know how to make new friends. Can you help me please?


Dear Shy,

It’s great that you wrote today, because there are lots of people in your situation. The SRC has a bunch of collectives including the queer collective that meets regularly to discuss issues and work on campaigns together. The USU has dozens and dozens of clubs that cover a variety of areas of interest, including Shades, which organises social events for Usyd LGBTQIA+ students. These groups will give you a great opportunity to meet people, and make new friends, who will in turn help you to meet even more people, widening your friendship circle. There are also lots of other community based groups, including Twenty 10, where you can just drop in and be in the space, playing video games, reading, or doing whatever you like. They also have lots of other services including casework and counselling. There are people out there who would make good friends for you. I hope you find them soon.