Dear Abe,

I’ve been told that I’m in trouble for plagiarism, but I don’t think I did anything wrong. The Turnitin report has highlighted a lot of my essay, but I did put references in. What should I have done?

Not Sure.

Dear Not Sure,

Plagiarism is where you present someone else’s ideas and words as your own. The Turnitin report highlights the parts of your assessment that appear exactly in someone else’s work, whether it is published work, an essay from another student, or one of your old assessments. Where you use someone else’s ideas, you need to give them credit in your references. When you use someone else’s words, you need to paraphrase what they have written, and give them credit in your references. If you do not paraphrase you must use quotation marks and give them credit in your references. Each faculty uses a different style of referencing, so check your subject outline. The library’s Peer Learning Advisors can help you with this skill, or re-do the Academic Honesty Education Module on Canvas.

SRC Caseworkers are able to help prepare a response to the accusation of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism. Call 9660 5222 to make an appointment, or send your details, together with the Turnitin report, to


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