General Secretary’s Report – Week 2, Sem 1, 2018

Nina Dillon-Britton and Yuxuan Yang

1. Your safety net: SRC Casework and Legal Service
If you get in trouble with the law, or with the University, our dedicated professional lawyers and caseworkers are here to help. To set up an appointment call 9660 5222 or email to see a caseworker or to see a lawyer. If you’re having trouble finding our offices visit:,

2. Your guide to uni life: Counter-Course
For students, by students, Counter-Course is your insider’s guide to University. It has everything from the best place to take a shit on campus, to how to access free health services, save money and navigate your faculty and the University administration more generally.
If you Google “Counter-Course Usyd 2018 ” you’ll find both our English and Chinese versions.

3. Staying in touch: Our Facebook Page
Our Facebook page is a great way to get involved with the SRC and keep in the loop with what we’re working on. If you like it before the end of Week 2 you’ll go into the running to win a prize of movie tickets, theatre tickets, dinner vouchers and more!

4.Keep in the loop: Check out our reports in Honi Soit and subscribe to our monthly newsletter
Our reports in Honi Soit are one of the most important ways of staying in the loop with the important work the SRC has been doing. They’ll let you know things like we gave 1500 bags full of SRC information and other goodies away, and that we had Counter-Course has been translated into Chinese for the first time.

Another great way of keeping in the loop is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which will let you know the specific upcoming events and the thigns we’ve been working on. You can do that here: