Welfare Officer’s Report – Week 3, Sem 2, 2016

April Holcomb, Isabella Brook, Matthew Campbell and Dylan Williams

Second semester is here and the results of the Federal election spell out a pretty grim future for student welfare. The Liberals are back in power and this means that student welfare is still under attack as Malcom Turnbull attempts to privatise Medicare, raise the GST, scrap penalty rates and make young people work for $4 an hour.

And to top it all off, everyone’s least favourite racist, homophobic, xenophobic and bigoted drunk aunt, Pauline Hanson, is back in parliament.
This might all seem a little scary, but don’t worry, your SRC welfare officers have got your back! Here are four easy ways that you can stand up, fight back and stay educated about the attacks on student welfare.

1.    Come find your friendly welfare officers on Eastern Ave on the 23rd of August from 12-2pm to find out about how you can protect your rights at work, at home and at Uni and also grab a free goody bag.

2.    Your welfare officers will be protesting Pauline Hanson every time she shows her racist face in public. Like the Facebook page, ‘ Hanson’s Racism: We Don’t Like It’   (https://www.facebook.com/hansonisagronk) to find out about upcoming protests and have a laugh at Pauline Hanson memes (also watch out for our Halal BBQ coming soon).

3.    To keep the fight going against the Liberals attacks on students, join your SRC, and students all across Australia on 24th of August outside Fisher Library at 1pm for a Student Protest. The Welfare Department will be protesting against 100k degrees, against cuts to higher education funding and against the lowering of the HECS repayment threshold.

4.    Like the Welfare Department Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/USYD-Welfare-Department) and join our Facebook group to stay up to date on how the department is continuing to stand up for student welfare for the rest of the year.