Vice President’s Report – Week 7, Sem 1, 2019

Dane Luo

Vice President Consultation

The Vice President consultation drop-in times are every Thursday 11am to 1pm in the SRC offices. Come and have a chat! For satellite campuses, email us at

Health Days for Mallet Street and Cumberland

Next Tuesday, we are holding our inaugural Health Day at Mallet Street from 11am to 2pm. In week 8, we will be holding a second Health Day at Cumberland on Tuesday 30 April from 11am to 2pm. If you’re in our satellite campuses, come and learn from SRC and SUPRA caseworkers at the SRC, University student support services, NGOs and local organisations.

Welfare Week for Camperdown/Darlington

Welfare Week will be happening on week 3 of semester 2. It will engage students with events on Eastern Avenue, with students from all campuses welcome to attend. The purpose of this would be to showcase all the services provided by the University, SRC, USU and local community organisations whether it be financial, personal health, student housing etc as well as services not provided for by the University.

Special consideration and simple extensions

Requesting a simple extension is an informal process between you and your UOS coordinator. A UOS Coordinator can grant a 2 working day extension for a non-examination task. You should email them with as much notice as possible and explain
your circumstances. For longer illnesses (including the exacerbation of a disability) or misadventure that isshort term and outside of your control, you can request for special consideration within 3 working days of an assessment on the University’s online portal. You will need documentation to support your claim.

For example, if you are sick you will need a Professional Practitioner’s Certificate (PPC)completed by your treating doctor or counsellor. Download a PPC from the special consideration website. Your PPC needs be on or before the day of your assessment. If you are not able to see a doctor on or before the day, you can call a home doctor service to come to you. If you have a long term illness (4+ weeks) you should seek accommodations from the Disability Services Unit.

We are aware that there are providers of fake medical certificates available through social media (eg Facebook, WeChat). If you have not gone to a doctor’s surgery and spoken to a doctor in-person, your certificate is likely to be fake. If you are caught using one of these, you can face misconduct proceedings that may lead to suspension.

If you need any help, seek advice from a SRC caseworker. They are welcoming, free and can provide confidential advice.