Vice Presidents’ Report – O-week 2016

It’s been an exciting summer beginning my term as Vice President! After the chaos of NatCon in December, it was great to meet all the other members of the Executive and embark on what I hope will be a very productive year in the SRC.

Last November in Honi, Subeta Vimalarajah and I published an article about anonymous marking, and the various biases that can arise from students’ names being attached to their work. Our campaign continues this year: after we met with various academic staff to discuss the value of an anonymous marking policy, the university has now commissioned a working group to investigate the viability of such a policy. I am passionate about ensuring that students’ work is marked fairly, and that staff are held to the same standards of academic integrity that are demanded of students.

Another project that I’m very excited about for 2016 is the organisation of the SRC’s. Inaugural Radical Education Week for Semester 2. Like Rad Sex & Consent Week, the week will have a student-organised program of talks, workshops, film screenings and skillshares.  We want to strengthen engagement between SRC collectives and the broader student population, and promote free knowledge-sharing between peers. If you have ideas for workshops or events that you’d love to see at Rad Education Week, or would like to get involved in organising the week, get in touch —

Getting everything ready for O Week has been busy, but it’s a very exciting time for the SRC — a great opportunity to meet new students and spread the word about all the great things the SRC does. Make sure you drop by our O Week stall to pick up a bag full of goodies and say hi!

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