Dane Luo

Dane Luo

SRC Vice President
Wanlin (Caitlyn) Chu

Wanlin (Caitlyn) Chu

SRC Vice President


We are Dane and Caitlyn and we will your Vice Presidents this year. We are here to help you when you feel lost in the sea of 34,000 undergraduate students in a big, big school. We are here to make sure your SRC works for you!

Wait what…what’s the SRC?

The SRC is the peak representative body for USyd undergraduate student. Essentially, we’re a body made up of students. For our students. We serve for the rights and benefits of all students from different backgrounds.

We listen to your voice and work to help you overcome difficulties in your study and daily life. We fight for fairness and justice, making our University become an inclusive and multicultural environment. As your Vice Presidents, we are passionate and enthusiastic for helping students. This year, we want to be promoting our FREE and PROFESSIONAL caseworkers and legal service.

What’s happening this year?

In 2019, we will be focusing on your WELFARE and WELLBEING. We are advocating to improve your degrees and student life by representing you on University committees. We are working with your Faculty Societies to organise exciting events this year. We are working to Health and Welfare Days. And we are hoping to improve mental health initiatives on campus.

Don’t ever hesitate to get in contact with us. You can contact us via our email (vice.president@src.usyd.edu.au) or find us in the SRC offices (located underneath the Wentworth Building).

Dane and Caitlyn

Latest Reports

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As second semester brings its usual array of new courses, readings and lab demonstrators, with it comes a refreshed and active SRC! Returning from winter conferences around the country, office bearers and collectives have met, planned and crafternooned to build campus campaigns. If collective didn’t fit into your timetable 1st semester- perhaps now is the […]

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What is the education system we wish to see? 
One where learning is a positive ongoing, experience rather than an overwhelming pressure? Where teachers may pursue academic endeavors and still have energy to help students understand complex equations and ideas? Where we emerge without being chained to debt? Where we choose what we learn and […]

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Unfortunately, Harry Stratton needs to master the humble Google search engine before announcing ‘I tend to research my claims.’ Indeed, the Kimberley Land Corporation initially voted 60% in favour of the LNG processing plant going ahead in the Kimberley region. That must have appeared in the first search option. However, Harry, I’m sorry to inform […]