Irene Ma, Yinfeng Shen, Seamus Kirk, Ziwei Lin

Irene Ma, Yinfeng Shen, Seamus Kirk, Ziwei Lin

Student Housing Officer

As student housing officer, we understand that where you live is a core part of your experience at the University of Sydney.

Therefore, our goal in 2019 is to enhance the student experience and to make student housing more enjoyable and more affordable for all of you.

To achieve this we will be pooling our collective experiences of student housing as two international and two domestic students to provide advice and assistance. Our email at is always open for any queries or requests.

We have been working closely with the University Student Accommodation Centre and the Residential College representatives to further the living experience on and near campus.

There are also several events hosted by the SRC coming up this year with a seminar in first semester for students at university owned accommodation.

In the second semester we have a trivia and networking night, a great chance to eat free food, meet fellow students living near you, and win some great prizes.

If you’d like to know more about student housing at the University of Sydney or would like any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to meet you all!

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