SRC Wom*n’s Officers’ Report – Week 7, Sem 1, 2017

Imogen Grant and Katie Thorburn

There has been considerable press about AHRC report into university sexual assault not having recommendations, but rather broader ‘areas for action and reform’. If this is the case, the AHRC should have corrected universities and journalists, as survivors were mislead to believe that their submissions would create concrete recommendations to hold the universities to account. On another note, WoCo welcomes the news that all 39 universities that participated in the AHRC report, including USyd, will be publicly releasing their individual reports. Previously, it was up to each university to release its incident figures. This is a clear step forward that would not have been made if it was not for the hard work of survivors and advocates. Let’s hope it will be followed by actual policy change and greater support for survivors on campus. If you have further questions on the AHRC report, do not hesitate to contact us at or speak to us directly.

As you may know, Friday 31 March was Trans Day of Visibility. WoCo stands with transgender people and their struggles against gender-based discrimination, particularly those along feminine-spectrum identities. During that week, we hosted a fantastic workshop on ‘Radical Trans Politics’ – thank you Danika Dashwood – that covered the roots of trans oppression under capitalism and colonialism, as well as the development of the modern transgender rights movement.

Last Wednesday, we hosted an info session provided by the amazing counsellors from the Eastern and Central Sydney Sexual Assault Service (ECAS), located in RPA Hospital. The presentation was useful for both survivors and supporters of survivors as often it’s difficult to know what services are available. The RPA Clinic provides a range of services including 24/7 crisis counselling and medical forensic service, ongoing face-to-face counselling, court preparation, and more – all of which is survivor led and free! To make an appointment for counselling or more information, contact the RPA Clinic on 9515 9040. For urgent or after hours counselling, call NSW Rape Crisis hotline at 1800 424 017.