Welfare Officer’s Report – Week 1, Sem 1, 2016

Hey guys welcome to the welfare department for 2016 ! We’ve started off the year really strong with the “These Cuts are Killing Us” rally to end health care austerity drawing a super big crowd. The Liberal government’s proposed health care cuts include reduced funding for pathology services such as pap-smears, blood tests and x- rays. These cuts are particularly harmful for women, the working class, and people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. The welfare department stands for free and universal healthcare and will be building campaigns around these cuts in the upcoming year.

The welfare department is now fighting to stop the ‘restructure’ of Sydney University. If management get their way, 120 degrees will come down to 20, more students will be pushed into expensive postgraduate degrees, and 4-year liberal arts degree will eventually replace BA and BSc to take another year of student fees out of your pocket. A rally has been called for Wednesday, March 16 to stop the attacks on our degrees and our staff.

The welfare department has some other exciting campaigns lined up for the year including a “Know Your Rights” campaign focused on educating students in their rights at home, at uni and at work. The department is also looking to provide students with pill testing kits and unbiased drug information as part of a campaign focused on drug harm minimisation strategies. So keep an eye out for these campaigns throughout the year !

If you want to contact the welfare department feel free to shoot us an email at welfare.officers@src.usyd.edu.au or by liking our Facebook page “USYD Welfare Department” and joining the Welfare Action Group.

April Holcombe, Isabella Brook, Matthew Campbell and Dylan Williams

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