Vice President’s Report – Week 2, Sem 2, 2016

Anna Hush

As I write this, news has just broken that the so-called ‘merger’ of SCA with the UNSW Arts and Design school. This is a milestone victory for the Let SCA Stay campaign, and shows that coordinated action from staff, students and community can successfully challenge top-down management decisions. However, the fight is nowhere near over: the University still wants to squeeze SCA into smaller facilities on main campus. Sustained action is necessary to keep SCA where it belongs at Callan Park, and to reinstate the Bachelor of Visual Arts as its own degree, rather than collapsing visual arts into the BA. I urge everyone to get involved in the campaign: follow ‘Let SCA Stay’ on Facebook and Twitter, or email to get in touch with the organisers.

At a university that seems bent on sacrificing the quality of our education for corporate profits, there is a more pressing need than ever to build a strong student movement and create our own platforms for education and resistance that don’t depend on academic structures. As much as we need to fight against further neoliberalisation of the academy, this needs to be complemented by autonomous student spaces and genuine engagement with non-academic community struggles. The SRC will be hosting the inaugural Radical Education Week in Week 5 to promote the sharing of knowledge and skills between collectives and the broader student population. Activists, officebearers and collective members from the SRC are are hard at work organising an amazing program of workshops, talks, skillshares and film screenings that will all be free for everyone to attend. Keep an eye out for the full program – follow us at, or drop us an email at