SRC Queer Officers Report – Week 13, Sem 1, 2017

Connor Parissis and Will Edwards

Everything is fine. Semester one has been successful for the Queer Action Collective (QuAC), with some obvious hiccups only standard for such an active group. With assistance from the USU, we created a terrific Pride Week that was educational and enjoyable! Our best events included an educational, inspiring Queer&A Panel, comedy and karaoke, and an impressive rainbow flag chalking on Eastern Avenue. We’ve been collaborating immensely with groups on certain actions, including the Chechnya rally, the National Day of Action and the Palm Sunday rally, and have participated in on-campus actions involving anti-fascist actions and protesting the Red Pill screening. QuAC were delighted to have collaborated with the Wom*n’s Collective on an effective stunt against the politicians who voted against decriminalizing abortion.

The collective are working closely together to rectify internalized issues that have become publicized. The Queer Officers are very passionate about maintaining a collective that is safe and productive. Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for an impressive, large-scale ‘Students for Safe Schools’ campaign, a protest at the Indonesian Consulate standing in solidarity with queer people overseas (16th June), and a sexual assault campaign addressing same-sex attracted people. We look forward to future actions, and remain awe-inspired by the amount of member engagement remaining at this time of semester. We hope to see you joining us for End of Semester Queer Beers at Hermann’s Bar, 7 June 5pm.

In Solidarity,
Connor & Will