SRC Presidents Report – Week 7, Sem 2, 2017

This week there are two important things happening on campus. On Wednesday, the NTEU (the union representing staff at usyd) will be striking for 24 hours. This is due to the university’s refusal to improve the working conditions and pay of staff. Striking is a way for staff members to exercise their power by withholding their labour. It puts pressure on university management to meet the key demands of the NTEU and treat our staff with the respect they deserve.

It’s important that as students we acknowledge the contribution that our staff make to the university community. Our learning conditions are directly shaped by the working conditions of our staff. Cuts to the pay and conditions of our staff means less face to face teaching time, more overcrowded tutorials and lectures, and overworked staff who will have less time to mark our work and provide detailed feedback.

We need to support our staff to put even more pressure on the university. Our staff have the best interests of students at heart and we should have their back in return. So on Wednesday join the strike and don’t go to class, visit the picket line to show your teachers some support and join the rally at 1pm.

The second important thing happening this week is the beginning of the SRC elections. I know that most of you are probably groaning at the thought of overly enthusiastic people in coloured shirts trying to talk to you on your walk to class in the morning but hear me out.
The SRC is yours. We exist to represent you, to fight for your rights and we’re funded by your money through SSAF. You deserve a say in who runs the SRC in order to ensure that they are working in your best interests. I encourage everyone to read over the policies of the candidates running for election, visit their Facebook pages, and have a chat to a campaigner on eastern ave. Most importantly I encourage you all to find a polling booth and vote on the 19 th -21 st of September.