When looking at a home:

  • How do you get to uni from there?
  • Are there signs of pests, e.g., cockroaches, mice?
  • Is it noisy, e.g., aeroplanes, roadworks, pubs, neighbours?
  • How is the water pressure?
  • Is there mould?
  • What is included in the price, e.g., internet, electricity, water usage?

Before signing a lease/contract or paying a deposit:

  • What are the start and finish dates on the lease/contract?
  • What is the penalty for leaving the accommodation before the finish date?
  • Do you know the full legal name, address and phone number for the person you are renting from?

Before you move in:

  • Take photos of any damage to the property and email it to yourself.
  • Store a copy of your agreement and all of your receipts (bond/deposit and rent).

After you move in:

  • Complete your section of the condition report (for leases only) and return to the landlord.
  • Communicate with your landlord in writing and keep copies of all conversations.

Before moving out:

  • Take photos of the whole house to show that you did not damage the property.

After moving out:

  • After the final inspection submit your own bond claim form to Bond Board (without landlord/agent signature).

*** do not sign a blank bond claim form from your landlord/agent.***

Need advice?

If you need advice on understanding, negotiating or ending a contract, contact an SRC Caseworker. p: 9660 5222
You can also contact a specialist Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service. Google: Tenants.

updated 13/3/19